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Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection Service in Columbia, IL

In today's busy world, we're hustling! While you've had the oil changed regularly and checked the fluids from time to time, there may be a few maintenance tasks that you've missed or don't see the need for. Basically, you have a vague understanding of your car's overall health. A Mopar multi-point inspection can help.


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More Than Just a Visual Inspection

During a multi-point inspection, a technician examines the entire vehicle. They will assess the condition of the vehicle's engine and systems. They will also note areas that need attention or that could develop future issues. It is important to note that dealers offer two types of inspections. One is only a quick visual examination of the engine, tires, lights and safety systems. A multi-point inspection is a deeper assessment of the vehicle. Manufacturers recommend them every 10,000 - 15,000 miles. They are also useful when purchasing a used vehicle.

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What Is Inspected

The automobile's engine and major systems are included in a multi-point inspection. Including:

  • Tires - Tires are inspected for uneven wear patterns, alignment, and balance. When the tires are balanced, aligned and inflated properly, you'll see better handling and fuel efficiency.
  • Window Glass & Windshield Wipers - If left untended, cracks can worsen over time causing a safety issue. The wiper blades will be inspected for condition. Dull or cracking wiper blades will not work properly in heavy rain conditions.
  • Battery & Cables - Technicians will check the battery for corrosion and overall condition. They will also check and tighten all cable connections so they are snug.
  • Oil - The oil and oil filter condition will be examined. They will also make sure that the oil level is correct.
  • Fluids - Technicians will check the condition of fluids and their levels. This includes coolant, wiper fluid, and brake fluid.
  • Brakes - The brake, discs, and pads are examined and measured. The parking brake is also inspected. Any thinning or wear is noted.

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The multi-point inspection gives the owner knowledge of the current condition of their vehicle. It also identifies areas that need to be repaired before they become significant problems that are expensive to fix. Even without a lot of time or extensive knowledge of motors, you can get the preventive maintenance you need with the team at Columbia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

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